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2019 Spring Open Results

1st Annual Sendero Spring Open Results

The First Annual Sendero Spring Open is done, and, considering what we worked with, it went well.  No one got hurt, some flying was done, some big flighs were done, and some exploration of launches was done.  Even the small, local flights show up in the results.  Keep that in mind as you plan for the Fall Comp right?
Things to keep in mind are that wing type, date, and launch site are considered for the 4 considered flights.  Competitors’ highest scoring flight from each launch site within the dates was put into their 4 flights, but, flights from 2 other launches were required before having a second flight from the same launch considered.  (E.G. A second flight from Sandia would only be added to the 4 required flights if I found flights from other launches).  This 3-launch-site factor nixed a few good flights from the comp, and is mentioned here because I wanted that to be clear for the Fall how my search for flights rotates through your XContest list.  In fact no one had 3 launches entered, so no one had 4 flights entered.
A red dot next to the competitors’ flights show which ones ended up being in the final Sendero flight list for each competitor.  The 3 launch site rule, and the separation of the Primer and the main Sendero also got a few (mine included).  If you have questions, comments or thoughts on this topic please post up on the Groupme.
Thanks again for participating, and I look forward to seeing you at the 1st Annual Fall Sendero.  Stay tuned for the Dates.

Please notify me if anything is incorrect and I will change the results on this blog post, and notify everyone via the Groupme.  Also, the prize money will be discussed on the Groupme chat only.  Thanks,

El Jefe: Biggest Flight of Primer and Sendero
1. Ben Abruzzo                  121.64 (or his non-pimer score of 71.86, either way he wins)
Ben won both the Primer and
and the Sendero main event with
121.64 and 71.86 points

1. Max Montgomery            71.85
1. Ben Abruzzo                    71.86
2. Steve Crye                         7.20
1. Mark Simpson                   7.25
2. Steve Crye                         4.57

Team Duo:
1. Drunken Seagulls          240.26 
    Max and Ben

Banditos              Max Montgomery                118.62
Pistoleros            Ben Abruzzo                        121.64
Pistolitos              Dan Shorb                             21.68

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2019 Spring Open Results

1 st Annual Sendero Spring Open Results The First Annual Sendero Spring Open is done, and, considering what we worked with, it went ...