Friday, May 10, 2019


Sendero XC Paragliding Spring Open 2019
First year crew: 

Ben Abruzzo
Class : Pistoleros C wing and Duo Team Drunken Seagulls

John Kear
Class: Pistolero C wing and Pistolito B wing, and Duo Team Camp Robbers
About: recovering mountain guide turned health care professional, living, climbing, skiing, hunting and flying in Taos NM. My home site is San Antonio Mountain but I’m constantly exploring northern NM looking for new sites with XC potential.

Mark S:
Class: Pistolitos B wing
About: Kiwi Living in Telluride. Have been flying for 10 years but only finally getting jazzed on flying again after a long hiatus mostly speedflying or being grounded.

Max Montgomery:
Class:  Baanditos D/CCC wing
About: Alas, has a true flying problem. His 600+ hours and 800ish flights in 4 1/2 years of flying reflect his eager willingness to forsake all other recreations, including family, friends, and even loved ones in his endless pursuits to fly. He breaks the constraints of Earth on a papaya colored Niviuk Peak 4 searching for the boundaries of the heavens.

Dolan Paris
Class: Pistolitos B wing, Team Dol Solo
About: Still learning, but love the sport. Flying the Buzz Z5, looking at the Swift 5 next. Glad the Sendero could be my first Comp!

Benni Bickel
Class: Pistoleros C wing
About:  nature and mountain lover, 10+ years flying

Dan Shorb
Class: Pistolitos B wing and Duo Team Camp Robbers
About: 1.5 years flying, no XC experience, may give winged turtles a run for their money.

Steve Crye:
Class: Pisoleros C wing and Pistolitos B wing
About: Aging late-start P4.1. Obsessed with flying. Dreaming of retirement but still forced to work so mostly weekend sending.

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