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Sendero Introduction and Sign up

Informal get together  for XC flying and maybe some shit talkin.

Sendero Spring Open
Cross Country Paragliding Competition
May 4th - June 9th

Sign up with the form at the bottom of this page, after reading the whole description.
Signing Up

***In the Ante-ins Section is an optional Pre-Comp Primer Session for those that just cant get enough XC.  You can opt into the Primer any time prior to its end on May 3rd. Just let the rganizer know in the Groupme Communications group.
May 4th - June 9th.  This is a 5 week long informal Paragliding XC Contest. We Foot-launch and Fly XC throughout May, and then have a gathering with friends the second weekend in June. We each fly on our own, or with friends, doing flights individually just as we normally do, with no event held until the end of the contest period. The difference is that you ensure you immediately upload your flights to XContest to be scored. You fly as many times as you like during the Sendero dates, and then we will all try to fly once together in an open task style (Open distance, Flat, FAI) on the final weekend, flying in task groups or individually, whichever you prefer. (In order words, we can develop a task for those interested).


 June 8th - 9th is the wrap up.  No 'contest' flying will be done on Sunday the 9th, but hopefully there will be flying that day. We will have the awards ceremony on that morning. 

On Thursday June 6th the task committee will look at the weather and decide the best place for everyone to get together the weekend of June 8th-9th, so we can fly Sat. June 8th, and have the Awards ceremony June 9th (and maybe fly too).  This will be held north of Albuquerque.  Again, the last day to upload a flight is June 8th. Ceremony will be the morning of June 9th.

WHERE:  Launch/Flying Area:
The area for the Sendero will be ALL of the possible foot-launches contained within  New Mexico, Southwest Colorado, and a small bit of Southeastern Utah (see mapped area below)
Then we each must choose 4 foot-launch flights from 3 different launches within those dates. Launches must be a minimum of 1 mile apart to count as different launches (Crest and Peak in the Sandias are considered 1 launch).
We will have the option to footlaunch anywhere within the Sendero area. Only our launch sites need to be within the area of the contest. Launches must be on legal launch areas, launches must either be on public land, or if private land, must be available to all Sendero pilots. Sites that have restrictions on USHPA ratings such as "P4 or higher" are still permitted.  You can organize individually or in groups to fly the possible sites.

Comp Closing Location: To be announced, but somewhere  north of Albuquerque, near or in Colorado. Flights from the closing location are not required.

Sendero Launch Area Map (view southward): All of NM, CO from I-25 west and Hwy5o south, UT, LaSals to Abajos to 4 corners.

Our scoring is via We signup for and upload our flights to XContest, and they are automatically scored for us. (Ensure you sign up for the American/USA contest and the category of wing you will participate with). Our scored flights will be 4 of our own choosing within the time period and launch area of the Sendero that are in (make sure you understand how XContest works.
XContest gives Point Multipiers for certain types of flights (see below) within the national USA XContest competition. Additionally declared flights receive a point-multipier, and should be declared on the Sendero Groupme prior to your flight.
See the Links below to help you plan your flight.  XCPlanner has a built in point multiplier for flat triangles and FAI/Yassen triangles, and UK XC league pages will help you understand how these different flights and point multipliers work, although their point-multipiers are not the ones used in XContest.  
USA XContest
UK XC League Flights

USA XContest Point Multipiers are as follows:
Three types of flights are possible, with different multipliers. Free flight, flat triangle, and FAI triangle. Any flight that doesn’t qualify as a triangle will be scored as free flight, where the distance is optimized through three waypoints. Free flight tracks score 1 point per kilometer. Any triangle that does not conform to the FAI specification will earn 1.2 points per kilometer if closed within 20% of the total distance and 1.4 points per kilometer if closed within 5% of the total distance. Triangles where no leg is shorter than 28% of the total distance count as FAI triangles and earn 1.4 points per kilometer if closed within 20% of the total distance and 1.6 points per kilometer if closed within 5% of the total distance. The XContest software will automatically optimize your tracklog and choose the flight type that results in the highest score.

Recap:  3 sites, 4 flights, 5 weeks

Ante-ins & Categories:

Ante-in $40 (all of it goes to prizes, or the event, not to organizer). Ante-ins are unofficial gifts to the organizer for the fun of it. You may not see the money again, and this may be a waste of your time and money. But maybe you'll win.  These ante-ins will  be done via Gofundme, so we can all see what's going on and what the total ante-ins are.
Ante-in must be received prior to April 26th to be considered for a prize.
Primer Participants must announce their participation by Friday April 12th.
What your ante-in gets you:
 A spot in the unofficial contest, and a possibility of winning one of the categories.  Most of the cash will be returned to the pilots in the form of prize money.  (some of the remainder may go toward a porta john, depending on the location of the closing weekend)
Note that A, B, and C wings get more cash winnings!

(redistributed to other categories if no one entered a particular class).

Banditos EN D/CCC/Open
1st place Banditos 10% of Ante-ups

 Pistoleros EN C
1st place Pistoleros class 10% of Ante-ups
2nd place Pistoleros class 5% of Ante-ups

Pistolitos EN AB (includes high B)
1st place Pistolitos 10% of Ante-ups
2nd place Pistolitos 5% of Ante-ups
3rd place Pistolitos class 5% of Ante-ups

Highest scoring Flight:
1st El Jefe:  Highest score of the Sendero (ie; biggest flight) 10% of Ante-ups

Duo Teams: 
Duo Team members only need to launch once together to enter the team class.  Duo Teams just add together the individual member scores of that team's flights (same 4 flights chosen for the individual contest:  member1 flights + member2 flights = Duo Team Score). Teams must be declared before the beginning of the Sendero dates to qualify.
1st Place Duo Team Winners: 10% Ante-ups

(These percentages should leave about 20% for  other unforeseen costs, but will be put into prizes  or future event organization if there is no other costs.)

Pre-Comp Primer Session:
 SenderoPrimer, April 13th - May 3rd 
This optional pre-comp 'warm-up' session does not affect your possible launches for the Sendero.  This pre-comp session requires pilots to follow the same rules (minus 3-different launch locations) with only 1 flight chosen from XContest for each pilot to submit to the Pre-comp Primer.  These flights will not included in the Sendero scoring and winners will be announced by May 10th.   
1st Place Banditos: 5% Ante-ups        This prize will be taken
1st Place Pistoleros: 5% Ante-ups       only from SenderoPrimer

1st Place Pistolitos: 5% Ante-ups        participants ante-ins.

Other Details:

Retrieve is not provided, but on the Groupme, we have a driver that has volunteered to discuss possible retrieves with Sendero Pilots.  Otherwise, you are on your own. That is part of the fun/skill of xc flying.
Ante-in will begin April 1st, 2019 and ends April 26th, an email will be sent out with the Gofundme page info to send ante-ins to.
The final weekend will be basic. Nothing will really be provided except location directions, task committee oversight, and the cash prizes. Since the event is an informal gathering you need to bring what you need/want  There may be possible portapotties, we’ll see.
Camping, shelter, lodging, food, water, transport, first aid, toilets, etc, for the final weekend gathering are your responsibility
The final location may be a hike and fly location, although an attempt will be made to make it vehicle accessible. 
The Sendero Open is non-sponsored and not official in any way.   You need to show up to the final gathering to receive braggin rights/ante-ins, ante-ins will be transferred to next highest winner present.  The exception to this is Xalps participants can fly the Sendero area during the dates, and not be present at the closing event and still win...

Discussion, Flight Declarations, Scheduling, and the closing weekend information will be done through a smart phone app called Groupme.  The Google play store or Apple store should have it.  Download it onto your smart phone, and I will send you an activation email with the groupme forum link in it.

Event Etiquette (just so it doesn't go unsaid):

  • use common sense, and ask questions when things are unclear.
  • Throughout the month, use low impact methods for camping. Clean up after yourself. Bring trash bags and don't burn garbage in fire pits. Pack out what you pack in. Don't create extra firepits, or chop green trees. Don't litter, or leave  trash behind.  
  • bury your poop at least 6" deep, dig group latrine holes if appropriate, and pack out or burn toilet paper-don't bury it like you're on a solo backpacking trip, there's too many people to use that method).   Do not leave human waste or papers out in the open. Clean up your pet's poop and/or poop them away from the event. 
  • be quiet after 10pm and before 8am. 
  • keep pets under control, and leave barking dogs at home, or camp away from the main group area. 
  • use respectful language and behavior. Sexism or other aggressive behavior can be subtle and should be confronted if noticed.
  • be responsible with drinking, smoking, etc. 
The hope is this first year will set a healthy tone for the following years.  Thanks!

You can reserve a spot in the Sendero Spring Open at any time now.  Read the rest of this, then  find the link to the sign-up form at the bottom of this initial blog post to sign up...   Include your name, team name if applicable, Contest class, email, and hometown.  Hometowns will be considered as part of our determination for a final weekend flying location.

T-SHIRTS: if we can get 10 or more people to go in on shirts I will get them sized and ordered for us.

If you have questions, email Dan:     southwestbackcountry at g mail dot com

 Let's create a great event and have some fun flying our asses off.

Look for more posts here or on the Groupme app.

Send it!! --Dan 


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